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SIA Approved contractor

Onwatch Plc holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of public space surveillance CCTV.

SIA Approved contractor PPM & Associates ProNett Certified

Workspace Protection
Workspace Protection

Industrial areas
Commercial property
Retail shops

Homespace Protection
Homespace Protection

Rural homes
Urban homes
Gated estates

Lifestyle Protection
Lifestyle Protection

Leisure boats
Cherished cars
Sports equipment

Instant Onwatch
Instant Onwatch

CCTV Guarding for hire
Rapid deployment
Short term hire


Loan worker protection
Personal protection
Panic alarms

On Route
On Route

Vehicle tracking
Assets on the move
Vehicle management

Hazard Protection
Hazard Protection

Health & Safety

Aftercare Protection

Central monitoring


Nature Watch

Welcome to Onwatch —

CCTV Systems and Mobile Surveillance Monitoring Systems for the UK.

Allow us to broaden your view of CCTV Systems and mobile surveillance monitoring systems beyond their accepted public uses. Think of it as a key support uniquely tailored to your own business; improving security, health & safety, systems management, marketing intelligence — in fact any situation requiring accurate visual verification of present and past events. 

The ability to match the best solution to the need at an acceptable cost is the challenge of the Integrator.  Onwatch has the experience and the skills to ensure the highest level of return on investment.

For more information about CCTV Systems or mobile surveillance monitoring systems, Contact Onwatch direct on 01892 603800

Referral Award Programme Rules.

This programme is an offer to the customers of Onwatch Plc to nominate, with the nominee’s approval, a responsible person in a similar trading position in a non connected company or organisation with authority to award contracts to Onwatch Plc for the services that they provide.

The award applies equally to the nominee and the nominator company and should be considered as a trade discount scheme.

Payment will be made when irrevocable agreements have been entered into with the nominee’s company for the Onwatch service to be provided.

The programme ends on the 31st March 2012